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It's Currently 2021 as i write this, and so far i have been making underground hiphop/grime music with pretty much no recognition for around 13 years, i'm now (28). However over the last 4 years (Since MeetingTrueSELF) i have really been possessed to do this Art with all my soul and heart and never quit. So far i have only seen a small glimpse l of what my music can do and the magic that can actually be produced when you focus on your gifts and talents wholeheartedly...

---Little Raskal to 3May$un ---
Throughout the period of me chasing my musical dreams i have changed my artist name a few times. As i grew from a Little raskal (My earlier artist name) after i while i realised something was lacking. Altogether i needed more life experiences to rap about and after a while i felt like something bigger was missing in my life.

Abandoning the idea of being a artist i then spent around 5 years (2012 -2017) focusing mainly on my ascension and having a deep spiritual awakening (Remembering) which i is still carrying on now. I spent most of my days soul searching, studying the occult, taking mushrooms and asking questions to the cosmic ancestors and the higher self. Eventually leaving my dreams of music behind,  i started to go even deeper with the spiritual & Yogic side of life, quitting meat connecting with crystals and going through numerous self imposed shamanic journeys visiting the higher realms on a regular basis. Eventually becoming qualified in meditation and reiki however after going through this period i then again was told from source directly what i need to do. i knew that part of my mission was to create music and share my talents on Youtube and  with the Omniverse.

Firstly something that started out as a way to express myself as a teenager and passing time having fun with my friends soon became something i was super obsessed with Writing, recording, mixing and mastering myself,  day in day out for the last four years. Now at this point i seriously know/feel it is my duty to share my gift of music creation with the world. 

Since 2017 i have been running releasing music videos and songs under the artist name (3May$un) on a very underground Youtube Channel Called - (AncientSoul) ,,, Based in coventry UK,,

When i first started the youtube channel the mission was to get Myself and other Artists around coventry (My city) Exposure.

As things have naturally progressed i have let hundreds of people come and record at my home studio for free, made homemade music videos with no budget or help, (Had lots of fun) published pretty much one song a day for a whole year, made numerous collaborations and also uploaded some great royalty free music & Instrumentals to the internet that anyone can use for any projects.

 The Channel has in no way just been me, and if you look through the videos yourself you will see at the start the sheer mass of different people appearing on the channel either in video or song. Right now as things are progressing i have been back in my deep yogic state and have been super focused on bringing everything up to the highest standard and really bringing the AncientSoul dream to life and the world.

Since launching the Ancientsoul channel i am very proud that along the way we have created some truly superb 5* music.
Truthfully some of the songs/videos have been rough, distorted and experimental to say the least, however altogether there has been some serious gems created by myself and others.

Maybe repetition is the key to success. So far we just haven't been able to get the right or any exposure, marketing or big enough budget for a truly professional video.

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WARNING MOST OF ANCIENTSOUL Music has a link to the godmind.~+_
(Listen at your own risk of spiritually awakening)

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